America vs. America: The Road to Victory

Freedom Fighters: American Nightmare, written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, illustrated by Travis Moore and Trevor Scott (2010-2011): The fringe, C-list DC superhero group The Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Dollman, The Ray, Phantom Lady, The Human Bomb, The Red Bee, Miss America, Firebrand and Black Condor, all of them Quality Comics characters from the 1940’s purchased by DC some time in the 1970’s) spawned two really entertaining miniseries written by Gray and Palmiotti over the past four years, and this (now-cancelled) ongoing series pretty much takes up where they left off, showing the team fighting governmental conspiracies and anti-governmental conspiracies while themselves being a governmental superhero team.

Here, a quest for a variety of magical American items gets a couple of team members killed as they try to stop, yes, a conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States through mysterious occult means. There are some nice bits inside the overall arc, as the Freedom Fighters battle their way out of a secret government maximum security prison for supervillains and try to stop the rise of ancient Native-American demons so powerful it took a thousand Native-American magicians to lock them away the first time. Things remain breezy yet labyrinthine; better luck in your next incarnation, guys! Recommended.

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