Don’t Order the Pizza

30 Minutes or Less: written by Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan; directed by Ruben Fleischer; starring Jesse Eisenberg (Nick); Danny McBride (Dwayne), Aziz Ansari (Chet), and Nick Swardson (Travis) (2011): Sour, underwritten comedy “from the director of [much, much better] Zombieland.” With good writing, Danny McBride can be very funny as a lout. Without good writing, he’s just a really annoying guy who takes up way too much screen time.

Two aging doofuses (McBride and Nick Swardson) hatch a plan to steal 100,000 dollars so they can ultimately collect several million dollars from McBride’s hardcase, lottery-winning former Marine father (played by Fred Ward, who looks as if he knows what a lousy movie he’s in). Underachieving pizza delivery guy Jesse Eisenberg is the unwilling lynchpin of that plan. Everyone in this movie is unpleasant for so long that by the time they stop being unpleasant and something resembling a comedy starts unfolding, it’s far too late. On the bright side, it was filmed in Michigan, so I hope the local economy got a boost. Not recommended.

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