JLA: Another Nail: written and pencilled by Alan Davis, inked by Mark Farmer (2004): Alan Davis’s alternate-world Justice League storyline continues here a year after the events of The Nail. Superman is gradually becoming accustomed to life in the outside world, a horribly wounded Green Arrow continues to rail against superheroes in the media, and Something Bad appears to be invading the universe.

Davis’ art is great, very much in the tradition of Neal Adams, but with a distinctiveness all his own. And the story is epic without losing sight of small character moments — it would be the perfect superhero comic book from 1985. Indeed, the basis for the continuity of the book is the 1980’s pre-Crisis DC Universe with a few added flourishes.

Davis also comes up with an explanation for the existence of the ridiculously powerful JLA foe Amazo that’s so perfect, it should be canonical. DC really needs to package this up with The Nail in a Deluxe edition. It looks terrific, it reads beautifully, and Davis’ JLA is a lot more charming and interesting than what we get from the normal title these days. Recommended.

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