Brought to you by UFC

Here Comes the Boom: written by Kevin James, Allan Loeb, and Rock Reuben; directed by Frank Coraci; starring Kevin James (Scott Voss), Salma Hayek (Bella Flores), Henry Winkler (Marty Streb) and Bas Rutten (Niko) (2012): Pleasant movie comedy which also seems to be a 90-minute advertisement for Ultimate Fighting, with various UFC fighters, organizers, and promoters showing up throughout the film.

Kevin James is a less-schlubby-than-usual high school biology teacher who’s lost his teaching mojo until the buget-cutting plight of fellow teacher Henry Winkler leads him to become a Mixed Martial Arts fighter to raise money to save the music program. I can’t believe I just typed that.

James is very good at slapstick, and while this isn’t a great comedy, it certainly isn’t a terrible one. James really needs to hook up with a better movie production team than the guys at Happy Madison, though. He’s always a lot better than his movies. Lightly recommended.

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