Dragon Nipples

Savage Dragon Archives Volume 2, written and illustrated by Erik Larsen (Collected 2007): Fun collection of superhero cop Dragon’s mid-1990’s adventures trying to keep Chicago and the world safe from a wide variety of supervillains and superfreaks. Creator/writer/artist Larsen had really become adept at drawing interesting superhero battles by this time in his career, and often opens up the action into one- and two-page spreads to good effect.

That, and there are a lot of pictures of women with enormous breasts tipped with enormous erect nipples.

The series also more confidently moves into realms of homage and parody this time around, as Larsen riffs on Jack Kirby’s New Gods, superhero weddings, and the Mighty Thor. There are also crossovers galore, as Savage Dragon teams up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hellboy, and fights off the Martians of Mars Attacks! Recommended.

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