Don’t Look Down

As Above, So Below: written by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle; directed by John Erick Dowdle; starring Perdita Weeks (Scarlett), Ben Feldman (George), Edwin Hodge (Benji), Francois Civil (Papillon), Marion Lambert (Susie), and Ali Marhyar (Zed) (2014): Minor but enjoyable horror movie that would have benefited from not being ‘found footage.’ But I’ve got a soft spot for any movie that involves a descent into the Paris Catacombs in search of that Moby Dick of alchemists, the Philosopher’s Stone. 

And they’re the real catacombs! And there’s almost as much graffiti down there as there are human remains! Also, in case you’ve got a bet going, the black guy does not die first, though he does attract an inordinate amount of attention from whatever’s down there. Demerit points for referring to something from Dante’s Inferno as being something from “legend”; bonus points for actually incorporating a number of concepts from the Inferno into the descent. My biggest complaint is that they don’t end up surfacing in Australia. Lightly recommended.

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