Wind Chill (2007)

Wind Chill (2007): written by Joseph Gangemi and Steven Katz; directed by Gregory Jacobs; starring Emily Blunt (Girl), Ashton Holmes (Guy), and Martin Donovan (Highway Patrolman): A car-sharing ride from Pennsylvania to Delaware for Christmas Break goes horribly awry thanks primarily to the fact that the driver is a stalkery loner who has a crush on passenger Emily Blunt. 

However, the movie’s more interested in the supernatural than in stalkery, slashy real-world goings-on, and that makes Wind Chill worth watching. The generic title doesn’t help matters, especially as wind chill isn’t much of a factor — it’s really just cold and snow and a crashed car, within which about 50% of the movie’s scenes take place.

The writers go a couple of times too many to the Well of Dreams That Seem To Be Real, but things are otherwise quite, um, chilling. Portions of the story play effectively with various Urban Legend tropes concerning stopped cars and sinister cops, with a nod to the movie’s Urban Legend qualities coming in the unnamed status of our two principals, who remain simply ‘Guy’ and ‘Girl’ for the movie. Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes do decent work as the ‘couple,’ and the outdoor scenes manage to be sufficiently chilly and forlorn. Recommended.


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